Date: 03/10/2013
Location: Detroit Cretan Club

We hope to see you all on March 10th! Please come and participate in the meeting!


I. Secretary's Report
II. Treasurers Report
III. Old Business
A. April 14, 2013 - Greek Independence Day Parade
1. Hellenic Heritage Awards
2. Additional donation for costume
B. March 30, 2013 - Bouzouki Night; Barbara Paterakis, Amalia Kostifakis, George Perakis
C. May 5, 2013 - Pseloretes Easter Picnic; Taki Manousakakis, The Kotsifakis Ladies
D. June 9th, 2013 - Detroit Pan-Hellenic Picnic; John Marakis
IV. New Business:
A. Discussion to replace Woodward Property