Date: 06/2/2011 - 06/03/2011
11AM to Sunset

Cold Brook County Park
14467 E. MN Avenue
Climax, MI 49034


Adults $10
Youth Free


Who doesn't love a picnic with Arni, Pilafi, Hand Tossed pasta salad, and kontosouvli...  We got beer, wine, pop, water and enough food and drink to make you burst...  Toilets are avialable free if you really have to burst, but the really important thing is this only happens every other year.  Plan on attending and staying the night for a great Glendi at the local Greek Restaurant.

Why should you go?

1. Your Cretan
2. Watermelon tastes good
3. Softball is fun
4. Arni is tasty
5. You love Chicago Cretans and they love you
6. You really don't have anything better to do, by definition. 

See you there, na-me!